Himalayan Princess

Cute animals and strange worlds

About Me

Himalayan Princess is the alternate personality of me, Donna Mathieson, an illustrator who lives and works in Edinburgh.I like to design the cutest characters  I can imagine getting involved in all sorts of adventures. I love animals,and think all of them have the potential for cuteness, so most of my characters tend to be animals…or at least have some animal features! I doodle all the time, and when something I love sneaks out of my pencil I work on it and bring it to life.

My designs are available as prints and cards to make you and your friends and family happy at home. My designs are also available on clothes and bags for men, women, children and babies, so everyone can take a little bit of cuteness with them wherever they go!

I hope you enjoy looking at my site.

If you have any questions, comments or interesting facts – contact me! himalayanprincess[at]ymail.com


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